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There is no other natural food or supplement of equal size. It’s entirely vegetable and is already at the beginning of the food chain since the creation of the earth. 

Our Plant Power supplements contain only natural nutrients including basic vitamins, essential fatty acids Omega-3 EPA phospholipids, Omega-6 and the fatty acids Omega-7 and Omega-9, amino acids, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, pigments, enzymes and is completely absorbed by the body. 

With the introduction of the pure PlanktonHolland supplements, we consume among others durable fatty acids without damaging our fragile oceans and its inhabitants.


PlanktonHolland supplements contain 10 of 13 vitamins or provides the building blocks for it. Vitamins are nutrients that our body need to function properly. We get these from our daily diet, i.e. what we eat and drink, we need this in relatively small amounts. Just micro- or milligrams.


Omega-3 EPA phospholipids fatty acids are anti-thrombotic. This means that they can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Several other positive effects of these important fatty acids are known


Nutrients like minerals and trace elements, are substances that the body cannot produce. They are among other things necessary for the regulation of enzymes and hormones. The differences between minerals and trace elements are the quantity in which the body needs them. One needs more minerals than of trace elements.


Antioxidants contribute to a healthy balance in our acid-base. They have several important functions in cleaning and support the concentration of oxygen in our body.

Besides all this, it boosts antioxidant metabolism and cell changes and they contribute to the absorption of nutrients. Antioxidants should include vitamins E and C. They also contain trace elements (selenium and zinc, among others) and certain pigments.


If you want to remain healthy, you must consume protein. An additional benefit of a diet with plenty of protein is, that it assist us to maintain a stable weight. Proteins help to keep us feel satisfied after a meal and contribute to the condition of our muscle tissue. Cells contain protein.