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The Swiss company Miron Violet Glass, has conducted various scientific tests in recent years to show the functioning of violet glass and what advantages it offers. Taste, smell, color, texture and enzymes remain better preserved than any other up to now used packaging whatsoever.


There is a broad spectrum of glass containers available today, many of which are transparent to visible light. The images show the extent to which the light penetrates the different types of glass to the contents of the package.


Algae plants are fed by sunlight so that they are able to grow and thereby produce nutrients. The chlorophyll, the green substance that gives the Plankton Algae a green color ensures that the process of photosynthesis proceeds well. After they are fully grown the effect of the light changes and accelerates the degradation process. Chlorophyll, which remains active even after the harvest, will completely burn without proper protection, as long as it remains in contact with sunlight.


Plasticizers or dispersants are additives used to make plastics such as PVC soft and flexible. They are gradually released from the material in which they are incorporated. Many plasticizers, especially phthalates, are suspected to be released from the plastics and have a harmful effect on health. This is especially relevant when the material serves as packaging for food, for example.