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Life in the oceans has an impressive variety of animals and plants. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are absolutely necessary nutrients for all life forms. While animals can not produce these themselves, plants can. Sea animals can not do without Plankton.

By eating Plankton or Plankton eaters, they feed themselves with necessary nutrients. Zooplankton, that feeds on Phytoplankton, are food for fish and benthic animals. On their turn, they are on the menu of large (r) fish, marine mammals, seabirds, etc.


Plankton is all life that floats freely in the water. Phytoplankton, where PlanktonHolland Plant Power supplements are made of, is the collective name for the vegetable part of it. These miraculous plants converts to CO2 on earth in at least fifty percent of all the oxygen.

Without Miraculous Phytoplankton, there would be no life on our planet! Moreover Phytoplankton is the basis of the oceanic food chain. Thus providing both carnivore fish, seabirds and marine mammals and fish-eating people essential nutrients.


Most Phytoplankton plants are only visible through a microscope. They have the most wonderful forms, ranging from oblong to round and in some cases with gorgeous flagellates. The brown and green color of the chloroplasts - chlorophyll - is visible in the cells.


Journal of Plankton Research publishes innovative articles and visual material that significantly promote research into Plankton, and in particular our understanding of the broader role of Miraculous Phytoplankton in the dynamics, ecology and evolution of ecosystems.

phytoplankton ceratium hirundinella
phytoplankton pyrocystis lunula
phytoplankton tintinnopsis campanula


Phytoplankton is small and light for a good reason: the smaller the plant, the larger the surface area in relation to it’s weight. This helps it to float. And this is vital because Phytoplankton need sunlight to grow and build up healthy nutrients! Phytoplankton which are 'diatoms' the floating is enhanced by a wide range of flagellates, spines and hairs.

Additionally, it has a special fatty acid oil droplet in their 'house' for more floating power. Furthermore the ingenious patterns of grooves and holes in their cell wall increase the cell wall surface and thus the buoyancy of this fascinating form of life.


Phytoplankton, which the PlanktonHolland products are made of, is everywhere around us. It has an extremely powerful effect on our planet in general, and its waters in particular. These photosynthetic life form scan, for example, turn the ocean green.

These green waters hold the heat and light of the sun in less deep places, which leads to a higher water temperature. This in turn contributes to the formation of ... hurricanes!

Research has shown that the most powerful storms on earth are directed by these minuscule plants. Phytoplankton makes it possible that thunderstorms in tropical places develop into hurricanes. And then these special plants also determine for a large part which course these storms follow.


If there is one animal on the planet with a high awe-factor, then it is surely the blue whale. This impressive marine mammal, which belongs to the baleen whales, can grow to twenty-five meters length and reach a total weight of one hundred tons. It is the largest animal on our planet. Despite their impressive size, these marine giants have largely vegetable diet which consists of - indeed – (phyto)Plankton!

With the baleen plates in their jaws seven they can filter the nutritious Plankton from the water. The size of this whale is impressive. Just as impressive is, that Plankton can provide all the nutritional needs of this marine giant.

Now these Miraculous Phytoplankton are also available for people! PlanktonHolland Plant Power supplements - a great natural product with an impressive amount of essential nutrients that can feed even the largest animal in the world. So it surely can and will feed us!

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