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We use Violet Glass to package our products, which is manufactured by the Swiss MIRON® Glass company. Violet Glass provides our products with unique protection, but it's certainly not a new invention. The ancient Egyptian civilization, around the year 3300 B.C., already used Violet Glass to store herbs, essences and medicine. Apothecaries forged this product themselves on a very small scale, namely for personal use.

They even kept the manufacturing "recipe" to themselves. After industrialisation developed and grew, Violet Glass was forgotten until, thirty years ago, Swiss scientist Yves Kraushaar developed MIRON® Glass.


Quantum physics has shaken the world of science to its core. The old laws of nature and physics require a revision. This new category of science will find an answer to the most inexplicable causes we have found to date.

Quantum physics talks about the tiniest particles, from energy waves to matter. These form the building blocks of atoms, which we consider to be the smallest particles. Quantum physics talks about the tiniest particles, from energy waves to matter. These form the building blocks of atoms, which we consider to be the smallest particles.


Quantum physics has proven that everything consists of energy and light. We and everything else that's alive in some way radiate waves of light. Specially developed cameras can show this radiation.

Biophotonicsis a science in which the connection between light, energy and the human body is examined. The term comes from the two Greek words "bios" meaning life, and "Phos” meaning light.


The sun and sunlight play an important role in nature. Flowers need this sunlight to grow. However, once they mature, the effects of the sunlight reverse. This causes the flowers to wither and loose vitality since their bio-energy is taken away.

This is due to the radiation of sunlight. MIRON® Glass is biophotonic glass. It’s coloured very deeply and almost opaque. It functions as a natural filter for light, letting only the non-harmful rays of light in.

The quality of the exemplary and sensitive particles is protected, contained and even improved. In the case of our miraculous plants, which are highly sensitive to sunlight, the shelf-life is prolonged by making the use of preservatives unnecessary.

Why Violet Glass has these properties in comparison to other types of glass is visible in the pictures below.

miron violet glass compare with others


The “secret” of this special glass is in the fact that the molecular structure of every (raw) material is permanently activated because of violet radiation. This explains its natural preserving capabilities. Ever since its creation, there have been multiple tests done on this glass. The results of these tests show that Violet Glass only allows UVA and infrared light to penetrate its casing, the other light radiations are stopped.


Cherry tomatoes.
An experiment using cherry tomatoes makes the effect Violet Glass has clear. This experiment took place in June 2007. The cherry tomatoes were stored at room temperature. After seven months, in January 2008, the tomatoes were photographed to show the results.

Herbs and spices.
During this experiment, chives were stored in three different types of glass: transparent, ombre and violet. The bottles were stored under similar circumstances. After six months, the results were photographed. There was also a blind-test performed by volunteers who smelled the chives. Their vote was unanimous: the Violet Glass chives had a stronger and fresher scent.

More experiments using Violet Glass have taken place as well. Examples of this are experiments using almond oil, rosewater, spirulina algae, water, oil, honey, different types of fruit and other substances concerning the protective environment of Violet Glass. In all cases, the effects are clear that when a substance is stored in Violet Glass, it does not degrade.

In other words, the smell, taste, appearance, structure and enzymes are better preserved than in other types of packaging. To provide scientific evidence, the research department of Darmstadt also analyses the effects of MIRON® Glass on foods and other preservatives.

miron violet glass tomatoes experiment
miron violet glass herbal experiment


Marine Phytoplankton algae are naturally fed by sunlight allowing them to grow and produce nutrients. The chlorophyll is a green substance that turns the microalgae green, allowing the process of photosynthesis to continue without problems.

When chlorophyll stays active after the harvest, it will, without the right protection, completely burn up as long as it stays in contact with the sun.


We highly recommend you do not recycle your Violet Glass containers, but rather to reuse them. For example, you can use the pots for decoration or fill them with herbs and spices to store them safely.

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