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Umami Recipes

EXPERIENCE YOUR UMAMI TASTE SENSATION   Add water to the Plankton Powder and stir the whole into one smoothly hydrated Plankton Pasta. We advise you to only prepare a quantity that you need at that time. Hydrated Plankton Powder can be (covered) stored, if refrigerated, for 24 hours. FLAVOUR ENHANCER Umami is considered the fifth taste, …

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plankton ice green good for you

Plankton Ice

PLANKTON ICE Making Plankton ice cream itself is fun. At home at the kitchen table with healthy ingredients. Ready in 20 minutes + cooling time. UMAMI Adding the tasty PlanktonHolland ingredients gives a surprising extra taste, the fifth taste called “Umami”. In addition to sweet, sour, salt and bitter, Umami is the 5th basic taste. …

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