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EXPERIENCE YOUR UMAMI TASTE SENSATION   Add water to the Plankton Powder and stir the whole into one smoothly hydrated Plankton Pasta. We advise you to only prepare a quantity that you need at that time. Hydrated Plankton Powder can be (covered) stored, if refrigerated, for 24 hours. FLAVOUR ENHANCER Umami is considered the fifth taste, ...
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PLANT POWER “With just one bite of algae powder you take in more than a billion healthy plants” From a publisher to microalgae. “Thus,” said Dino Frederking of the Dutch company “Plankton Holland”, “Algae are the future. Apart from being the best cleaners and providing life on earth with oxygen, they also are an important ...
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BOOSTER SMOOTHIE Start your day with a delicious Booster Smoothie. A delicious vegetable kick-start the day. Actually, you can use all kinds of fruit to make a delicious healthy Smoothie. This is the most healthy breakfast Smoothie for your brains: it is full of building blocks such as Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids ...
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