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valerio braschi

VALERIO BRASCHI A GREAT TALENT Valerio was born in 1997 in Cesena di Romagna, in Forlì-Cesena province. As a true fan of basketball, football and skiing, Valerio is encouraged at a young age by his brother and father to further develop his passion for cooking. PARTICIPATION IN MASTERCHEF ITALY The young Romagne, inspired by Jamie …

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primal power umami recipes

EXPERIENCE YOUR UMAMI TASTE SENSATION   Add water to the Plankton Powder and stir the whole into one smoothly hydrated Plankton Pasta. We advise you to only prepare a quantity that you need at that time. Hydrated Plankton Powder can be (covered) stored, if refrigerated, for 24 hours. FLAVOUR ENHANCER Umami is considered the fifth taste, …

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plankton rice angel leon

PLANKTON RICE AIOLI TARTAR Spain celebrated chef-cook, Ángel León, from the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Aponiente, has put his passion for Marine PhytoPlankton on the menu. Fernandez, Leon’s right-hand man, represented him at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. MELBOURNE FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL A gastronomic playground: an abundance of fresh seasonal produce, bustling food markets, innovative …

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