Plankton Powder 120 Gram | Refill

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We cultivate the world’s best quality microalgae on Dutch soil.

– Extra dosage,
– 30 days packaging,
– Vegan.

Rich in unique omega-3 EPA phospholipid fatty acids. Plankton phospholipids efficiently promote the transport of omega-3 fatty acids and absorption by the body.

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[ Plankton Powder 120 gram ]

– Essential amino acids,
– Powerful antioxidants,
– Effective pigments,
– Contains vitamin B12 (DRI 256%), Iodine, Iron and more,
– Fully digestible.

6 reviews for Plankton Powder 120 Gram | Refill

  1. Barbara

    Great, we love it! It’s got a pretty Umami flavor, so it doesn’t overpower our morning green smoothies.

  2. Lisa

    A source of energy, great stuff, it seems to lessen the dark cicles under my eyes.

  3. Mike Gish

    I’m an aging athlete (almost 70) and I do a nine and a half hour full-body weight lifting routine over a three day period. Bottom line is, if it weren’t for Marine Phytoplankton I couldn’t do it. Not only does it boost my strength and energy levels, but my overall health and wellbeing are enhanced as well.
    I live in the United States so it takes about eight to ten working days for it to get here, but Dino always ships promptly so I know I can depend on consistent travel time and order accordingly.
    This is the best quality of all the Marine Phytoplankton brands I’ve tried.

  4. Tan

    Het onderzoek naar plankton van goede kwaliteit is uiterst vermoeiend. Ik woon in de VS en de verzending was snel voor een internationale klant, maar het wachten waard. Ik heb net mijn eerste dosis genomen en wacht op alle gezondheidsvoordelen. Geweldig bedrijf en zal opnieuw kopen. Ik ben zo onder de indruk dat ik misschien een Amerikaanse distributeur moet worden :)))))

  5. Suzanne Peeters

    The plankton is purely natural and without weird additives. It’s delivered in glass jars or refill-packages. You can see that they put a lot of love in their products since they communicate openly about the origin of the plankton. The very fine powder has an intens dark-green color.

  6. Koos de Lijster

    We’ve been using Plankton Powder for years now. First, through a doctor, then by ourselves. This is a necessary and very helpful remedy for helpful intestinal flora!

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Marine Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis gaditana) microalgae powder.

Contains no additives, preservatives, binding agents or fillers.

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