Plankton Flakes 60 Gram | Refill

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We cultivate World’s highest quality Marine Phytoplankton

– Maintenance dosage,
– 30 days packaging,
– Vegan.

Rich in unique omega-3 EPA phospholipid fatty acids. Plankton phospholipids efficiently promote the transport of omega-3 fatty acids and absorption by the body.

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[ Plankton Flakes 60 gram ]

– Essential amino acids,
– Powerful antioxidants,
– Effective pigments,
– Contains vitamin B12 (DRI 128%), Iodine, Iron and more,
– Fully digestible.

2 reviews for Plankton Flakes 60 Gram | Refill

  1. Liselotte

    Quick delivery, nice packaging. []

  2. Loyd

    It doesn’t take much (flavor enhancer) flakes to give your favorite foods a little extra dose of authority. []

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Marine Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis gaditana) microalgae flakes.

Contains no additives, preservatives, binding agents or fillers.

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