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We cultivate the World’s highest quality Marine Phytoplankton

– Extra dosage,
– 30 days packaging,
– Vegan.

Each capsule contains 500 mg of marine phytoplankton powder, without any excipients.

Rich in unique omega-3 EPA phospholipid fatty acids. Plankton phospholipids efficiently promote the transport of omega-3 fatty acids and absorption by the body.

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[ Marine Phytoplankton Capsules 240 pieces ]

– Essential amino acids,
– Powerful antioxidants,
– Effective pigments,
– Contains vitamin B12 (DRI 256%), Iodine, Iron and more,
– Fully digestible.

8 reviews for Plankton Capsules 240 Pieces | Refill

  1. Sasha de Boer

    After only three days I noticed my energy levels increasing. I did find out that it’s best not to take these supplements as you’re about to go to sleep. []

  2. Magda

    I’ve been using phytoplankton capsules instead of omega-3 capsules for about three months now. This supplement helped to normalize my organs (that were out of balance) causing me to feel more fit, better and, more importantly, I have fewer joint problems. I will keep using this supplement! I immediately ordered a new stock of 240 pills.
    The customer service of Plankton Holland is also worth mentioning. You will receive quick and friendly responses, very nice. []

  3. S. Wally

    Taking Planktonholland capsules has given my system a natural boost and waking up all my energy. []

  4. chillihelen

    I suffer from fibromyalgia so suffer from a severe lack of energy mentally and physically. Phytoplankton gives me the energy to start my day and the second dose gives me the energy to cook a decent meal. Before phytoplankton I couldn’t get going in morning and was so exhausted after work I didn’t want to cook or eat. Phytoplankton has changed that so I’m healthier and happier. []

  5. tom

    Very good value for the price. There is some evidence that it is helping me with my blood pressure, but I am still testing. []

  6. Sacha M.

    My orthomolecular therapist recommended using Plankton capsules. For years, I’ve battled with extreme eczema. I was already content with the results from my orthomolecular therapist but was interested in trying to turn a 7 into an 8. And thus it happened. Since I use Plankton capsules, my skin is so much calmer: less itchiness, less redness, and the burning feeling I often had has disappeared. I think it’s a fantastic product and I want to recommend it to anyone with eczema! []

  7. M. Vermeulen

    Our entire family uses the capsules and we’re all very happy, we have more energy and sleep better at night. []

  8. Ilona Selke

    Phytoplankton truly saved my life. I am so happy to have found Plankton Holland because of the purity in which this phytoplankton is produced. Other companies mix spirulina into the mix because it is cheaper. However, I am allergic to spirulina and cannot tolerate it. Therefore I am especially happy to say that Plankton Holland is producing indeed a pure strain of phytoplankton!

    Phytoplankton has truly been a lifesaver for me and with its many amazing effects on the human system. After my US-based company stopped selling the phytoplankton, I luckily found Plankton Holland.

    I would recommend everybody to use phytoplankton as a supplement in their daily life, I overcame a chronic health condition with it and have helped other people regain strength and health with taking phytoplankton. []

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Marine Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis gaditana) microalgae powder | HPMC Capsules

Contains no additives, preservatives, binding agents or fillers.

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