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We cultivate the Worlds highest quality Nannochloropsis Gaditana Microalgae.

– Maintenance dosage,
– 30 days packaging,
– Vegan.

Each capsule contains 500 mg of marine phytoplankton powder, without any excipients.

Rich in unique omega-3 EPA phospholipid fatty acids. Plankton phospholipids efficiently promote the transport of omega-3 fatty acids and absorption by the body.

The refill packs can be supplied in natural or black kraft paper.

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Marine Phytoplankton Capsules 120 pieces

– Essential amino acids,
– Powerful antioxidants,
– Effective pigments,
– Contains vitamin B12, Iodine, Iron and more,
– Fully digestible.

7 reviews for Plankton Capsules 120 Pieces | Refill

  1. Chris

    Very happy with the price to quality ratio. []

  2. Karin

    I’m very happy about the use of the phytoplankton capsules. My body almost doesn’t need any other supplements anymore. It’s taken in by your body very easy and my immune system has improved tremendously. Other than that, the capsules are easy to ingest. I can recommend anyone to use phytoplankton capsules. Your body will thank you. []

  3. Bob Glad

    Really great product and 4.5 times cheaper than Karen’s here in Canada []

  4. Dennis Prins

    Thanks Plankton Holland for this great product!
    It gives me gives me real energy, I feel great and don’t have the feeling I need other supplements.
    It deserves a 4 star rating for quality/price! []

  5. Malvia Kenlock

    I bought the capsules and add to water one capsule twice a day, I found I have more stamina and more core has become stronger in only two weeks. Great product, I find far more superior than the liquid variety of OceansAlive. The product arrived within days. []

  6. Francis

    I’ve started using capsules because of my migraine. I’ve tried a lot in the past few years, but I never saw any results or progress. My migraines got so worse that I had about 3 to 4 attacks each week. I went to a neurologist and, with their help, could bring down the weekly attacks to only 2 times a week, but I had a lot of side effects, so I wasn’t too happy about that. I was given the opportunity to start with new medication, but I had no idea what the side effects would be, so I wasn’t too eager to try. I put it aside and told my doctor I would get back to them.

    I first came in contact with plankton when I used it for my dog with arthritis who couldn’t have fish oil. I then started reading into plankton more and more and though it could help me too. I had to think about it first to decide whether it was worth spending my money on, but I ordered it and noticed, after three weeks, that I hadn’t had any attacks anymore. They are not entirely gone but they’ve decreased to about 2 attacks per month and I’m thrilled. A short while ago, there were some issues with the delivery and I had a bad week, because my attacks instantly came back. However, I was sure of one thing: the capsules helped me. From now on, I always make sure to have enough in stock so that I won’t be without capsules any longer. []

  7. Daniëlla

    I had been ordering phytoplankton from America for a few years until the Covid-situation made it too hard to receive packages from abroad. Then I discovered Plankton Holland and I’m over the moon! I really can’t go without anymore! The phytoplankton capsules help me to keep my blood pressure stabilized and they give me enough energy to get through the day. A win-win for me, because it’s also much cheaper than when I had to order it from America! []

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Non Blend | Marine Phytoplankton powder | HPMC Capsules

Contains no additives, preservatives, binding agents or fillers.

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