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Green vegetables such as; spinach, kale, endive and superfoods like Plankton all contain Chlorophyll.

If you ingest a few grams of Chlorophyll every day, it's a lot easier to lose weight. This proves a study by researchers at the Lund University, which was published in the journal Appetite (32).

From a Swedish study appeared that overweight women between 40 and 65 years, who daily took 5gr. Chlorophyll-containing Thylakoids (derived from spinach), the appetite for sweets and chips directly reduced drastically.


It seems that a protein-rich food has no effect on the weight if the number of calories is the same as with food with little protein. This way the body removes among others damaged protein, which could lead to a disturbed cell function and cell growth.

However, a diet with plenty of proteins can help not to take up too many calories. People eat less when they get relatively much protein. This also explains the success of diets which consist for more than a quarter of the calories from protein.

Sufficient protein limits the loss of muscle tissue with weight loss. This is beneficial because muscle tissue uses more energy than fatty tissue. Thus, after weight loss protein can help to keep your weight. Research shows that the body excretes more Calcium after a high protein meal.