Evaluation of the Research
Researcher Wang and his colleagues have researched 842 scientific articles on primary and secondary prevention of heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrest. This research led to the conclusion that the extra intake of EPA and DHA (both omega-3 fatty acids) can play an important role here. These fatty acids were consumed in the form of nutritional supplementation and / or fish. Primarily the incidence of infarcts and (acute) cardiac death appeared to be reduces (1).

In addition, the extra consumption proved to reduce the overall risk of mortality. The increased consumption of the aforementioned fatty acids also appeared to have a positive influence on the occurrence of complications. Research from the Mayo Clinic offers further substantiation of the statement that omega-3 fatty acids have a protective effect (2).


In the aforementioned, food or supplements were mentioned that have a protective effect on the heart because they contain omega-3 fatty acids. This influence is inter alia related to the antithrombotic properties of these foods. It is because of these characteristics that the foods or supplements in question can reduce the risk of cardiovascular system disorders. This is connected with a combination of effects on the functioning of the same system. Your cardiovascular system consists of your heart, blood vessels, veins, capillaries and blood.

These effects are mentioned in the following:

In the first place, the aforementioned fatty acids can contribute to a reduction in the risk of acute heart failure and arteriosclerosis. In addition, they can contribute to lower blood pressure. There can also be a decrease in the coagulation factor and the amount of fat in the blood.

Said fatty acids furthermore ensure that the cell membranes become more fluid and contribute to the production of tissue hormones with a vasodilating action. In addition to all this, omega-3 fatty acids have a beneficial effect on the white blood cells (which is important in inflammatory reactions) and, finally, these fatty acids also promote blood flow.

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