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Protect tissues and DNA in cells against free radicals. Antioxidants promote a healthy balance of acid-base metabolism, contains healthy detox functions, supports the concentration of oxygen in the body, stimulates the metabolism and cell changes and assists in the processing of nutrients.

Antioxidants are a group substances consisting of vitamin E and vitamin C, trace elements such as selenium, zinc and some pigments.

For vitamin C and E, the pigment β-Caroteen and the trace elements selenium and zinc, the detox activity is clearly demonstrated. In the cells, they play an important role in cleaning up free radicals.

Free radicals arise in a normal metabolism, but also when smoking and sunbathing. With certain diseases, many free radicals are formed, such as with inflammatory reactions. Free radicals are aggressive substances that in some cases may cause damage to cells and tissues. When they cause damage, we call it oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress occurs when there are too many free radicals present or if these substances are located at undesirable places in the body.

PlanktonHolland supplements include also a wide spectrum of bioactive Hydroxy Carotenoids. Currently, promising scientific research is done into the effectiveness of this ancient pigments. The collective name Xanthophylls [Hydroxy Carotenoids] stands for β-Caroteen, Vaucheriaxanthin, Violaxanthin, Antheraxanthin, Canthaxanthin, Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin and Chlorophyll.