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High protein diets lead to lower blood pressure, study finds. A high protein diet combined with plenty of fruit and vegetables and low in saturated fats seems to lower blood pressure. This appears from the so-called DASH study (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension).

The among others Anti thrombotic properties may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease since the following effects have been demonstrated: lowering of blood pressure, the clotting factor and the levels of blood fats | reduction in the risk of arteriosclerosis and a sudden heart failure | formation of the vasodilator tissue hormones | increase in the fluidity of the cell membranes | improvement of the flow properties of the blood | improved operation of the white blood cells in inflammatory reactions.

is a mineral that, together with Chlorine and Sodium, provides the fluid balance and blood pressure in the body. Additionally, potassium ensures that nerve impulses are conducted properly and muscles contract. Potassium has a favorable (reducing) effect on the blood pressure.