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Valerio Braschi was born in 1997 in Cesena di Romagna, in Forlì-Cesena province. As a true fan of basketball, football and skiing, Valerio is encouraged at a young age by his brother and father to further develop his passion for cooking.


The young Romagne, inspired by Jamie Oliver and Igles Corelli, wins the sixth edition of MasterChef Italy 2017. He is not only the youngest MasterChef in Italy. He is also the youngest winner in the world who is entitled to this creditable title.

And even without ever colliding with the other competitors, this in contrast to the participating women Cristina Nicolini and Gloria Enrico who in this edition are more aggressive than ever. The tears come only once during the whole program because that is the sad moment that his friend Michele Ghedini leaves the kitchen of MasterChef Italia 6.

During his participation in the program, the lively Valerio shows a great imagination, as shown by his original creations.

His uncompromising curiosity, ingenuity, courage and confidence are the right ingredients to win this competition.

With his strong sense of humor, he is appreciated by the majority of the MasterChef audience. The four judges also seem particularly fond of Valerio and his infectious smile.


With his starter “The Sea”, a foam made from Plankton and enriched with sashimi smoked scallops and cramble cacao, he manages to win the jury.


One of the oldest trattorias in Italy on the historic Piazza Ganganelli in Santarcangelo di Romagna. In fact, it was the year 1850 when the Trattoria del Commercio opened its doors.

Neither industrial nor vintage nor shabby-chic: Ferramenta does not follow any aesthetic trend simply because it creates its own, original and rich in natural authentic charm. Every detail within Ferramenta’s old walls is pleasant, tasty and accessible.

Ferramenta is also a store with food from its own production.

Conserved products, from fruit to syrup to vegetables. But also fish products, spices, dried vegetables, various herbs, extra-virgin olive oil, vinegar of any kind, and an important collection of pickles.

Gragnano pasta, coffee beans and ground coffee, wines, drinks and juices, mostly organic, belong to the special assortment.

With Valerio, a source of exciting and exciting ideas, Ferramenta wants to strengthen the concept of easily accessible cuisine and extend it to all sectors of gastronomy.

Valerio Braschi is an ambassador of PlanktonHolland, we are proud of it!



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