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plankton ice

plankton ice

Making ice cream itself is fun.

At home at the kitchen table with healthy ingredients. Ready in 20 minutes + cooling time.


Adding the tasty Plankton Holland ingredients gives a surprising extra taste, the fifth taste called “Umami”. In addition to sweet, sour, salt and bitter, Umami is the 5th basic taste. Umami comes from Japanese and means literally ‘delicious taste’. To add the tasty PlanktonHolland to other ingredients their flavour will be strengthened.


Everything can be combined with the tasty PlanktonHolland products, you determine your own taste sensation to add your favourite flavour. What do you think of lime, strawberry, raspberry, banana or mango with as a bonus walnuts or hazelnuts. Also chocolate is easy to combine with the tasty PlanktonHolland, particularly right?


60 ml full fat milk
400 ml cream (35% fat)
130 g of sugar
25 g glucose syrup
30 g butter
20 g powdered milk
7 egg yolks
1.5 g arrowroot (primal power binder)
4 g Plankton Flakes or Powder


Hydrate the tasty PlanktonHolland Flakes or Powder with water. Toss all the ingredients together and heat them up to 80 ° C on a heat source. After you have taken the pan off the heat, add the hydrated Plankton finally, otherwise it loses its strenght. Let it all cool and place your ice cream in your freezer.

Important: While freezing regulary stir the mixture to prevent formation of large ice crystals. The crystals affect the creamy structure, the ice will harden and significantly affect the taste.

Enjoy your Plankton Ice!

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