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Andreas Moritz

After reading Andreas Moritz’s book, you will fully understand that the formation of gallstones in the liver is detrimental to ones health, youthfullness and vitality.

"Observing the thousands of patients during my 35 years of practising Natural medicine and the many chronic illnesses from which they suffered, I can only reach one conclusion: every patient, without exception, suffered from a significant quantity of gallstones in their liver."

Availability of nutrients

Your body is a living planet. When fed with sufficient minerals and trace elements it is perfectly capable of nourishing you and to producing everything necessary to survive, flourish and grow.

If not enough of these essential materials are ingested through a healthy diet, they wil rapidly deplete. Through the century long continuous use of our previously fertile soil, the produce now grown is seriously lacking in vital nutrition.

The situation has been worsened by the use of artificial fertilisers, which forces rapid growth in crops, lessening the availablility of vital nutrients.

Exhausting the earth

When the quantity of minerals and trace elements are seriously depleted in the human body, it weakens and is unable to functon correctly. Because of the present unnatural situation which now exists in the ground and in our bodies,  it can be useful to supplement these essential minerals.

But one must ask a vitally serious question: are the supplements  sold nowadays in Health food stores and Chemists sufficient to replenish our body’s cells stock of minerals?

To which the answer is probably not!!

Supplements are generally available in three varieties: capsules, tablets and colloidal silver. Before the earth was depleted of all nutrition, produce from plants delivered the ideal amounts of minerals and trace elements.


Luckily one can still find food sources that are naturally still extremely rich in essential minerals.

Phytoplankton, (see product information in the index of the book) which is a microscopic algae, is found in the ocean and it is the food of the longest and largest living animals and fish in the world.

A few examples of which are the blue whale, the bowhead whale, the baleen whale, the grey whale and the humpback whale.

Phytoplankton posseses the unique ability to be able to convert sunlight, raw inorganic minerals and carbon dioxide into nutritious food, supplying an enormous amount of living creatures.

According to numerous studies it is the richest source of essential fatty acids on the planet.

Source of Omega oil

Phytoplankton has been found to be a much better source of Omega 3 than for example fish, crustaceans, fish or krill oil. It is made up of more than 90 ionised minerals and trace elements and is packed full of energy rich super antioxidants, vitamines and protein in microscopic form.

Phytoplankton is seen to  be the most complete source of nutrition on Earth. Because  it is a miniscule plant ( roughly the size of a red blood cell) it is the reason why the body is able to absorb it at a cellular level. Moreover it is seen as an unprocessed food source.

Auteur Andreas Moritz
Titel The Liver rand Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse


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