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PlanktonHolland products are Plant Power Supplements based on Marine Phytoplankton algae, cultivated in the Netherlands in an environmentally friendly manner. From now on we offer our products in an even more sustainable packaging Violet Glass, in combination with a sober refill package: because the best of nature deserves the best packaging!


The whole vegetable part of Phytoplankton is produced by PlanktonHolland. Our microalgae is characterized by a combination of unique qualities which can’t be found in any other food product. Moreover, it already existed from the beginning of the evolution of our planet at the base of the food chain.

Our Plant Power supplements contain at least 50 nutrients or the building blocks for it including essential omega-3 phospholipid EPA fatty acids, antioxidants in the form of special pigments and much more.

Only nature and its elements do the work.


As a producer we stand for sustainability. Our Plankton is cultivated in a protected environment with only daylight and is only heated in winter. This makes it possible for Phytoplankton to consume fatty acids without adversely affecting our fragile oceans.

Moreover, we process our vegetable product almost without consuming energy. We have now also taken an extra step towards sustainability for our packaging!


We now offer our Plant Power Supplements in a package of special Miron violet glass, which is traditionally known for its preservative qualities. This Violet glass packaging assures the quality of products which are sensitive to light, moisture and heat, as our all-natural dietary supplements.

Violet glass acts as a natural filter which only allows the portion of (UVA + IR) of sunlight go through. Which improves and protects the quality of precious and sensitive organic substances.


Our Phytoplankton is an appropriate dietary supplement for those who prefer a vegetable product above fish oil and animal protein. With the addition of our new Violet Glass packaging in combination with a refill, the environmental impact of our products is even less which makes nutritional supplements of PlanktonHolland in all respects THE BEST sustainable vegetable alternative!

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